Hello people!
I'm trying to develop an application for a smart card by using Sun's JavaCard operating system. I'm using NetBeans 6.7.1, but i'm quite a noob on smart cards & co.
I know that a SC uses APDU commands (as listed on the ISO 7816-4 directives) but... since APDU are coded in hexadecimal, i have this problem: how can i send a string? Which length should i expect from a string? The type 'string' is not supported by JavaCard, since it is a small (really really small) subset of Java commands, in order to fit the applets on a card.
So... this is a problem but i have many.
Another question: i want to write an application that uses a GUI for inserting data to be written on the card. Is there any way to "mix" Swing and all the java.lang set with the libraries of javacard? By the way this is secondary...
Can somebody post some sample code?
Having an application that writes on the card "Hello world! This is me!" would be great, since i know i'm a real rookie :)

Thank you!!!