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    Default Creating new instances of a Match over and over again

    Hey there :)

    Right well i have a simple game scoring system. You have a Match, a Match consists of 5 sets. All thats simple enough.

    I have created a Match class where i store all the match details i.e Name of comp, date, time of match etc.

    I have created a Team class where all the team for that match is stored.

    I have created a Set class where all the general game rules/set information sits.

    Now a couple of questions, im not really sure how i connect all these classes (which hold information for a single Match) together to make it into one Match instance.

    I intend on giving each match an ID so that i can save all the information as one.

    Finally, do i need some kind of controller class to create a seperate Match instance? As the user will want to score many different games i need to create many Matches, one after another.

    Just a little confused at the minute as to how to do that.

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    Uhm, a loop?

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    a Super class which creates, if the user wants to, a match class.
    match newmatch=null;
    private void newmatchClicked(...){
    newmatch=new match();

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