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    Default Sorting and hiding columns in JTable


    I have a Jtable i would like to sort by one particular columns (that is filled with ints). However I do not particularly want the user to see this column. I want them to press a button I have and have that be equivalent to them clicking on this columns header.

    in short: can i sort by a hidden column in Jtable and how?

    Thank you!!!!

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    I think you can hack together a way to do this however it won't be pretty. I could be completely wrong I'm going off pure memory of what's available with a JTable object.

    I believe there's a setVisible() method with rows and cols that you can turn off. Also say you have 4 cols and the 4th column has your values you don't want the user to see. You can sort by that column and then put all the values in order into an array and then redraw a new table with only 3 columns and input everything from the array.

    I'm assuming each row is an object and each col an attribute of that object so you should be able to resort and repopulate everything using getter methods.
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