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    Default Pixel capture

    Hello, I wrote an algorithm pixel neighborhood to capture a pixel of a particular value, and whether it has other connected to it (neighbors). If so, and if a number greater than 2, I want to modify the value of these pixels. It is a line (black) who had another (new line) connected to it ... The background is white, the image is in grayscale (). But the code in java is not working.
    Java Code:
    raster = imagem.getRaster();        
    int cores[] = new int[255];     
    int count=0;       
    for (int x = 0; x < imagem.getWidth(); x++) {        
        for (int y = 0; y < imagem.getHeight(); y++) {        
            raster.getPixel(x, y, cores); // captura da combinação de cor do pixel        
            if ((cores[x,y]>=0) && (cores[x,y]<5)) {     
                if (cores[x-1]<5) count++;             
                if (cores[x+1]<5) count++;     
                if (cores[y-1]<5) count++;    
                if (cores[y+1]<5) count++;    
                if ((cores[y-1]<5) && (cores[x-1]<5)) count++;     
                if ((cores[y-1]<5) && (cores[x+1]<5)) count++;     
                if ((cores[y+1]<5) && (cores[x-1]<5)) count++;     
                if ((cores[y+1]<5) && (cores[x+1]<5)) count++;                        
             if (count >=3) {    
                   //Aqui vai o código para trocar o valor destes pixels, mas falta eu bolar ainda...    
    In line 07 giving this error ...
    This line should indicate that the pixel value out of this enter the condition (if) to calculate the pixels in the neighborhood ...

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    Java Code:
    if ((cores[x,y]>=0) && (cores[x,y]<5)) {

    "x,y" is not valid syntax.
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