Hello I am new to the forum, I have a problem with the getImage () from java.
Usually it works correctly but when you reset the connection stops working.
I compare with getImageLoadStatus () to see if I brought the image correctly, but after
I reset the connection always throws the status code in error.

Here's the part that brings the image:
Java Code:
ImageIcon ImageIcon = new ImageIcon (getImage (getDocumentBase (), name));

while (imageicon.getImageLoadStatus ()! = MediaTracker.COMPLETE & &! (imageicon.getImageLoadStatus () == MediaTracker.ERRORED)) (
imageicon.setImageObserver (this);
Thread.sleep (37);

if (imageicon.getImageLoadStatus () == MediaTracker.ERRORED) (
System.out.println ( "Error with image name:" + name);
        return null;
) Else (
/ / System.out.println ( "Dwonloaded" + name);
My question is whether there is a way to bring the image
after the connection is reset.