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    Default Coloring JTable cells

    Hi, this is another JTable question. This forum was so helpful with my last problem, I thought I would return!

    I have a table whose cells are filled with strings at the moment. I want to color the cell depending on what string is in the cell, but i want to maintain the ability that columns get highlighted when selected.

    I did this by replacing each cell with a JLabel that contained a .jpg of the particular colored string. but then my columsn would not highlight.

    Just to clarify: I have strings such as: "A" "T" "C" and "G" and a few others and I want the background of the cell to be a particular color....but maybe changing the color of the font will be sufficient.

    Please and Thank you!!

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    Start reading the API documentation for the TableCellRenderer interface and its implementation the DefaultTableCellRenderer class. It is a 'rubber stamp' that delivers the component to be shown in the visual representation of a table. The default implementation delivers a JLabel. If you override that class you can give that label an appropriate background colour. Start reading and don't fiddle with those JLabels yourself, it has been done for you.

    kind regards,


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