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    Question i need help with a class and swing

    what im doing is a application for a company that deals with customers. and order , using a database.

    my problem is that i create an class object for the customer main frame ( in witch the frame gets information from the DB ) thath works find . also i press a btn in the customer main frame that opens the order frame and it sends some information to that frame. from that frame i create an order in witch the user puts the order for the specific customer. (thath also work fined )

    the problem is when i want to go back to the main customer frame to create o do somethink else with with the same customer.

    if i create a new object of the customer main frame it will be give me another person. ( i can re load the information form the database but i belive is a waist of time) what i want to do is to be able to hide the customer main frame , and open the order frame and when im done with the order frame . to set the customer main frame visible. i dont know hot to call the function in the customer main frame to set visible from the order frame with out starting another object.

    i hope you can help me and understand what i want to do.

    sorry for my english im just lerning.

    im including sample code ( just the functions that i need help and the classes)

    and im including some pictures to give you a graffic idea of what im trying to do.

    Java Code:
       public   class Customer_main_frm  extends JFrame {
           public void get_values_to_order(){
    	   // get the values to pass to the order frm from cust db frame
               String customer_Id = cust.get_customer_id();
               String name = cust.get_name();
               String last_name = cust.get_last_name();
               String Company = cust.get_company();
               String Cell_phone = cust.get_Cell_Phone();
               String work_phone = cust.get_workphone();
               String email = cust.get_email();
    	  // sends values to the order frame
              order.get_customer_values_for_order(customer_Id, name, last_name,
    						 Company, Cell_phone, work_phone, email);
    	  // makes the order frame visible
    	  // hides the customer main frame
           public void setvisible_frm(){
    	  // set the customer main frame visible
    } // end of class
    public class Order_frm extends JFrame {
          public void get_customer_values_for_order(String customer_id , String name ,
                String last_name , String company , String cell_phone , String work_phone , String e_mail){
    	// this is a button listener. after working with the frame 
    	// the user will press the save button and it will save the information int the database
    	// and in this frame ( order frm ) needs to close the frame and re open the frame
    	// of ( customer main ) with the same object and class.
        private void Save_btnActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {
        // from this btn listener it will run a function on the customer frm that will make the
        // frame visible and also it will save the information input here in the database.
    } // end of class

    order main frame
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    If you call setVisible(false) on a frame, it hides itself. If you call setVisible(true), it appears again.

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    Please don't cross-post the same question in different fora without letting people know. We have already discussed this subject including a recommendation for using JDialog in the sun fora.
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