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    Default Library - convert Java to UML


    I need for my program a library for Java which can convert java code to UML diagrams. In my application, I want to load source code or bytecode from disk and make a graphic visualization in UML classes from files. I searched on Internet and found a lot of programs and converters which can do this but I need a library to use it in my own program. Do you know any library for Java which can draw or generate UML diagrams based on java code ? or maybe any others library and things which can be helpful to me ?
    Many thanks for each answer.

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    Are any of those programs or converters released as free software? If so, you could look into how they generate UML diagrams.

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    Once you know how UML works, this is a reasonably simple task. You'll need to use the Reflection API and the graphics API of your choice (most likely AWT).
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