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    Default Java Program chat

    I am looking for someone who can help me out in creating a java chat program.
    If anyone is good with sending/receiving of java fill free to reply. I am not to good with that portion so i am looking for someone to help me through it/make it while i can do the rest.
    I have made a few steps into what needs to happen and i have come up with a small program. I am stuck now at how to get this to work. What i want to do is have another program come in and change the text in the text area. I have seen this done before in some other examples but i am not able to finish it. If any one can build a sample program that can do this please show me the program.
    Other than that here is the small program i have done so far.

    Java Code:
    import java.awt.*;
    class ChatWindow extends Frame
    	TextArea  textArea; 
    	public ChatWindow(String title, String message)
    		this.setLayout(new BorderLayout(15, 15));
    		textArea = new TextArea(message);
            this.add("Center", textArea);
    	public static void main(String[] args)
    		/*Frame f = new Frame("Chat Program");
            f.resize(100, 100);
            ChatWindow d = new ChatWindow("Chat Program","Test");
    Also if anyone can get the frame thing i commented out for right now to work please fill free to show me how that would be done.

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    there's lots of articles on how to implement a simple java chat service. i'd suggest googling it. check out java world or the java tutorial. they sould have examples. good luck.

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