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    Unhappy Struts: pass data to other form

    Hi All,

    im new in struts.
    I hv designed one search page, from where data is populating in the Map object and is rendered in table.

    Now i want to select particulatr row (either by hiperlink of Id field/ attach radio button and submit the form for that id) and display all the related info in the next page.

    how to do that.

    my code is

    JSP file:

    <logic:present name="SearchDRRequestForm" property="result">

    <hr width="100%" size="1" noshade="true">

    <bean:size id="size" name="SearchDRRequestForm" property="result"/>

    <logic:equal name="size" value="0">
    <center><font color="red"><b>Sorry, no data found</b></font></center>

    <logic:greaterThan name="size" value="0">

    <table border="1">

    <th>Request No</th>
    <th>Request Raised On</th>
    <th>DR Activity Time</th>

    <logic:iterate id="requestno" name="result" scope="request" >
    <bean:define id="reqno" name="requestno" property="key"/>

    <bean:define id="myrow" name="requestno" property="value"/>


    <html:link what to do>
    <td><bean:write name="myrow" property="requestno"/></td>

    <td><bean:write name="myrow" property="status"/></td>
    <td><bean:write name="myrow" property="requestraisedon"/></td>
    <td><bean:write name="myrow" property="activitytime"/></td>



    pls help


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    Default pls help

    pls help in the below queston...

    its very urgent


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