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    Default [Virtual KeyBoard] - Anybody know ?

    Good afternoon everybody.

    Anybody know if there is a virtual keyboard (like the Windows XP) written in Java?

    Will I spend my graphical interface for touchscreen and would like to use a virtual keyboard. My application is Desktop.

    If I do not find, have idea to implement it?

    Sorry to my english, I'm Brazillian boy and english is very hard to me.


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    That would be a neat idea.
    I can't imagine how the virtual keyboard would be able to send keystrokes to the host operating system, so as to be an input for other general applications, without some kind of custom native component to receive messages from the java virtual keyboard and send them into the operating system usual facility for reading keyboard input (for example, on Linux, a USB HID input device).

    But I think it would be quite possible to make a panel with buttons where the action of touching buttons on the virtual keyboard on the screen would be able to generate events that could be sent to anything within the same application. Most Swing UI components allow you to implement a KeyListener interface. In the first attempt of making a virtual keyboard, you could try invent your own key listener interface and have your components implement that. Thats kind of messy though, but likely something complicated like this would be needed because we want keyboard input to go to a component that has focus (which is usually the last widget that was clicked on), where as touching the screen where the virtual keyboard is would cause the button on the virtual keyboard to now have focus right).

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