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    Default Changing Existing Zip file using java


    I need to add some files to existing zip file and download the file.
    I am reading the zip file using ZipInputStream. how to add new files into the zip and download the file?

    Waiting for reply.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Narayanan. G

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    would it be possible to
    - create a temporary folder on the request,
    - expand the existing zip file into this temporary folder.
    - add your additional files to this temporary folder
    - create and stream back a zip file of the contents of the temporary folder (alternatively, could create a zip file in a second temporary location I guess)
    - clean up the temporary folder (and possibly temporary zip file).

    If it is not practical to clean up the temporary folder immediately after the request, you can try storing a session attribute of a List<File> objects that represent these temporary folders that were created by this user during their session, and create a Session Context Listener that on session destroy, looks for this session attribute of list of folders that are temporary folders and remove them.
    another idea is to have an external process or cron scheduled task perform a delete everything older than a given amount of time within the temporary files folder.

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