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    Default Doubt regarding Directory Upload using HTTPclient3.1 library

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to using Apache HTTP Client3.1 library. I understood how to upload a file in specified location using Apache commons file- upload ,but i was unable to understand how to upload directories using Apache commons file upload . For ex: You see, the directory contains some files in it as well as other directories. Basically this directory also has sub-directories and files.

    Can anyone suggest me how to proceed further.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    the http-client only handles standard HTTP methods. such as GET, POST, PUT. for more advanced features like "mkdir" on the server, you could create an administrative servlet (like on a different URL) /myapp/createFolder?path=aDir and your client app would need to know to call that if needed (such as the directory did not exist).. and then use the commons-httpclient facility to PUT a file.

    Another idea, there might be to see if some existing API projects that do this already in a higher level protocl, such as WebDAV.

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