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    Default Jar files

    Hi folks,
    can any one tell me , what is going on internally when we create a jar file?
    Is there any technologies existed related to jar files?

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    Your question doesn't really make much sense. Perhaps you should read about jar files here and then maybe you will be able to ask a more specific question after that.

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    A jar file is just another type of zip. Simply put, an archive format (optionally compressed). Most programs that can open zips, also have support for jars.

    When you open a jar file, you will see possible different folders.

    • META-INF contains the jar's manifest file, if any.
    • The root directory contains any classes in the default package
    • Folders (and subfolders) contain classes not in the default package.

    The classes may be just the .class, or the .java might be included as well, if the source was included in the jar.

    The file will also contain any resources (such as pictures, icons, etc.), if any, that were packaged along with the jar.
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