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    Default Problem with text field patern

    hi ,
    I have a number which data type is String now I want to apply field Pattern to that field

    $F{balance}.toString().contains("-")?new DecimalFormat("#,###,###,##0.00").format(new BigDecimal($F{balance}.doubleValue()).abs().toStri ng())+"Dr":$F{balance}.toString()+"Cr"
    but when I run my report I face "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:*Cannot*format *given*Object*as*a*Number*"

    this error...

    Plz help me
    Thanking You

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    Well, you have managed to put five or six operations into one line of code. Create a few fields and break the statement up into several statements. Focus on the statement that doesn't work. I suspect that the BigDecimal constructor is throwing the exception, but I can't be sure.

    In general, your peers at work will like you a lot better if you don't ever create long statements like that. At my first job, we used to avoid working on the code written one senior developer, MD. You don't want people to remember you twenty years later because they hated working on your code...

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