Hi All ,

We have a few mail boxes (on Microsoft Exchange server) which do not have specific domain user name and password. Specific users are given access to these mailboxes. In MS Outlook, users can see these mailboxes by adding them as Additional mail boxes to their mail profile through advanced settings.

We are designing an application which reads mails from these mailboxes. Since the mailbox has no generic userid / password associated with it, we need to use the authentication of specific users who have been given access.

We tried methods in the class com.sun.mail.imap.IMAPStore to access Shared, Personal and User namespaces . The public folders can be accessed through shared namespaces. But none of these methods were able to access these additional mail boxes that we added.

I believe there should be some workaround to access such mailboxes. Can anyone tell me how to get this issue resolved ?

Appreciate any help in this regard.

Thanks, Anky