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    Default Open Cursors exceeed...question for fellow gurus

    In all our application code which connects to the backend oracle database using DAO patten classes.. we are using JDBC to directly connect to the database (using a connection pool from app server) managing the transactions in the DAO itself. All the methods in the DAO class are written so that connection object is explicitly closed in the finally block. However, I have noticed that in many places were are not closing prepared statements and resultsets which we are instantiating from these connections.

    Ocassionally - we see a max cursors exceeded error in our logs. Could this be due to the statements and resultset objects not being explicitly closed.

    My understanding was that if the connections or statements were not closed correctly in the appln - the app server could crash and open cursors exceeded should not come in any case. Gurus your opinion please.:rolleyes:

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    You posted something similar in the New to Java forum. Again, as emceenugget said there, create a test application.

    If a moderator could lock this, that'd be great
    If the above doesn't make sense to you, ignore it, but remember it - might be useful!
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    Thread locked

    edit: reopened at OP request.
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