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Thread: Parsing XML

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    Default Parsing XML

    Hi to all, this is my first post. I need some help in parsing XML. I am using SAX, and i can parse the XML.

    The problem is which data structure should i use to store the values e.x:

    1st Author
    <BOOK_SECTION="1" IDAUTH="0000011111" NOSTORES="4" SALES="YES">
    <PRICE ="188" SHIPPINGCOST="121" />

    <DETAIL_BOOK SEARCHNO="1" IDSEARCHNO="1111111111111111" STORE="A" />
    <DETAIL_BOOK SEARCHNO="2" IDSEARCHNO="1111111111111112" STORE="B" />
    <DETAIL_BOOK SEARCHNO="3" IDSEARCHNO="1111111111111113" STORE="B" />
    <DETAIL_BOOK SEARCHNO="4" IDSEARCHNO="1111111111111114" STORE="D" />

    2nd Author
    <BOOK_SECTION="2" IDAUTH="0000011111" NOSTORES="3" SALES="YES">
    <PRICE ="182" SHIPPINGCOST="121" />

    <DETAIL_BOOK SEARCHNO="1" IDSEARCHNO="1111111111111121" STORE="AA" />
    <DETAIL_BOOK SEARCHNO="2" IDSEARCHNO="1111111111111123" STORE="BB" />
    <DETAIL_BOOK SEARCHNO="3" IDSEARCHNO="1111111111111124" STORE="DD" />

    OK i want to use a hashmap (key/value pairs) .e.x > the key will be
    <BOOK_SECTION> and values for each <BOOK_SECTION> will be

    My question is can i ? Can i have something like

    HashMap hMapXML = new HashMap();

    hMapXML.put("1",ARRAYLIST()); or

    hMapXML.put("1",ARRAY[]); ?

    Many Thanks :)

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    My guess is that HashMap would be too simple for this and would only allow one DETAIL_BOOK for each BOOK_SELECTION. Better perhaps is to create a class to hold the information. It can perhaps have a field for the BOOK_SELECTION, a field for price and other bits of info if desired and an ArrayList for the DETAIL_BOOK data. Then objects of this class could be placed into a HashMap if desired.

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    Default Thanks

    Hi, thanks for your reply, is it possible to have an example how to implement it, a link / a post something :)

    Many thanks.

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    Hey thanks again, i think i have figured it out :) ,

    Many thanks

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