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    Hey all,

    For a game I'm writing I want to use JOGL. My problem is, I can't seem to install JOGL, if I follow the instructions (unzip intro three files, copy 2 of them to bin/ and other one to lib/ext), It doesn't seem to work. Can any1 help me please? :\

    For those who are wondering, I want to use JOGL instead of Java3D because:
    - I want to do most of the code myself
    - JOGL is more flexible
    - JOGL is faster
    (That's what I heard anyway).

    Thanks in advance,


    P.S.: Cross posted here, due to no response in 3 days.

    Fixed it - wrong Classpath was my problem.
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    Sorry for reviving this old post but the latest version of Java3D (1.6.0-pre) uses JOGL 2.0. I've just reminded how to install JOGL 2.0 here and the full installation of Java3D is here. Please contact the JogAmp team on the official forum if you need some help.

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    Stop bumping old threads. Any more and your responses will be removed and you may be banned for a period.

    Please feel free to post relevant responses in current threads.


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