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    Default Fesi error

    hi all,
    does anyone know much about the FESI interpreter ??? i am getting an error while using this third party product (GTX) which is written in java and i cant work out whats wrong. FESI is built into this product which i am using so i dont know the details of how it interprets the script which i write.

    error that gets thrown is :

    [8/07/09 10:36:23:755 NZST] 133e76d ExceptionUtil E CNTR0020E: Non-application exception occurred while processing method "onInput" on bean "BeanId(GTX_Test#GTXEJB.jar#GTProcessEngineEJB , 1225754b587)". Exception data: java.lang.StackOverflowError
    at etDefaultValue(
    at FESI.Data.ESObject.getDefaultValue( 99)
    at FESI.Data.ESObject.toESPrimitive( )
    at FESI.Interpreter.EcmaScriptEvaluateVisitor.equal(E
    at FESI.Interpreter.EcmaScriptEvaluateVisitor.equal(E

    this error gets thrown when i try and reference a field from a user defined object e.g if( dbObject.ID == 0)

    but it works fine when :

    var tmpID = dbObject.ID + 0 ;

    if(tmpID == 0) ......

    any help would be much appreciated.
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