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    Default using jdbc from a jar file

    Hello everyone,
    I have created an application using swing that uses jdbc. I have created the required database using ms access. I have created a jar file encapsulating all the necessary .class files as well as the database. But now I dont know how to register the database that is inside the jar with ODBC.
    Please help me..

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    You just pass the JDBC driver the path of the database when you initialise it. Either use getResource() to get the path in the jar, or remove the database file from the jar and try it that way. Assuming you have the correct JDBC driver installed.
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    I have reservations about what MS Access' Jet database engine, or whatever they call it now, is going to think about accessing something inside a JAR file. I doubt it will allow that. Even if it does, the database will be read only. Look at JavaDB/Derby as an alternative for Access.

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