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    Default Xml File generation - xstream

    i need to build the xml file from database resultset

    - <chart caption="Country Comparison" shownames="1" showvalues="0" decimals="0" numberPrefix="$">
    - <categories>
    <category label="Austria" />
    <category label="Brazil" />
    <category label="France" />
    <category label="Germany" />
    <category label="USA" />
    - <dataset seriesName="1996" color="AFD8F8" showValues="0">
    <set value="25601.34" />
    <set value="20148.82" />
    <set value="17372.76" />
    <set value="35407.15" />
    <set value="38105.68" />
    - <dataset seriesName="1997" color="F6BD0F" showValues="0">
    <set value="57401.85" />
    <set value="41941.19" />
    <set value="45263.37" />
    <set value="117320.16" />
    <set value="114845.27" />
    - <dataset seriesName="1998" color="8BBA00" showValues="0">
    <set value="45000.65" />
    <set value="44835.76" />
    <set value="18722.18" />
    <set value="77557.31" />
    <set value="92633.68" />

    i thought of using xstream is there any other good tools or api availble comparingly with xstream?

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    Default Tried W3C DOM?

    You can create an xml file and write it out using the w3cDOM package. It has methods to insert child nodes and such. Also, an xml file is ultimately just a text file, so if you can handle maintaining the structure yourself, it can just be done w/ a string writer.

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    DOM is very memory consuming when dealing with lot of data. It is better to use StAX in this case or simple println-s.

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