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    Default dynamically search user input files

    When we want to open a file from java program, we use the following syntax.
    File namefile = new File ("file-path\\file-name");
    eg. File namefile = new File("C:\\Workspace\\myapplication\\mydata.xml")

    But instead of that 'mydata.xml', i would like to get the file name from the user input and accept it with variable and then I will search it whether it exists in the folder I specified, in that case, I know the location except the file name coz the user will input it.

    File namefile = new File("C:\\Worksapce\\myapplication\\variable-for-user-input")

    how can I do this?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Default Use some glue :-)

    Use the Scanner class to get the user's file name (if from command prompt) or JOptionPane class if GUI based and then just tack it on to your path:

    File namefile = new File("C:\\Worksapce\\myapplication\\" + variable-for-user-input);
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    Also check out JFileChooser... This way you do not have to deal with incorrect user input... If your app is GUI...
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