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    Default [SOLVED] Java RPG

    hi again, could you advise me some informations how to start a java RPG game in 3d like Secret of the Solstice engine? I know everything is possible to make but we need some advises to begin with. I know is very advanced mode, but could I start with more siple rpg construction like The mana world which is free? I was just thinking if i can start with this it could be upgraded or reconstructed with the basic structures of the mana world and remake the 3d engine i think to end with like "Secrete of the Solstice" ?

    I named these games to see what kind of a game i want to create ofcourse i could start with single mode and end with online game.
    Thats all for start ?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Far too wide-ranging a question. Have a go yourself or ask more specific things. The only answer is to design your game and then build it. You may want to read the tutorials on Java3D and Java2D, fullscreen mode, etc.
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