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    Question Oracle trigger interacting with Java app

    Thanks for looking at this. I'm building a Java server app, not a web app or anything like that, that will query an oracle table on startup to get most of its configuration information. That information will be cached, as I don't want it to have to execute a query each time some config item, like a URL, is needed. But I need an efficient way to monitor that table for updates in order to update the cached values.

    Someone suggested an Oracle trigger. From looking some stuff up, I see that an Oracle trigger can call a java method. Here is what I don't know. How would an Oracle trigger, or a Java method it called, effect a currently running Java app?

    I think this is a Java question and not an Oracle one. But since the Oracle trigger would essentially spin up a new instance of whatever java application it called, I'm not sure how that java application would be able to then fireoff a method in the currently running java app. Please expain this to me or give me some topics to research.

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    You could set up a ServerSocket in your main Java app and have your trigger send a message to it. If you want to get really advanced you could have your trigger call an RMI method.
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