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    Exclamation Rock Paper Scissors

    I need to make a program that will play rock paper scissors by the use typing 1,2, or 3 represtening the three different moves in rock paper scissors. Then the computer generate a random move... tell the winner and then tell the wins, loses, ties. Until the user wins then have it display "You have won!"

    I made a previous java code that would decide winner but noe continue but it was way too long i want a more condensed code.

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    I think I speak for all here when I wish you much luck with this endeavor. Please let us know if you succeed with your goal here.

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    Instead of of 1,2, or 3 why not use r, p or s... or even rock, paper or sciss ?
    I would think it would go something like this:

    Java Code:
    Read user input
    Generate random number (using the Random class)
    associate the random number to option using an array, switch-case, etc
    Compare user input to random option
    do calcs 
    print results
    Chris S.
    Difficult? This is Mission Impossible, not Mission Difficult. Difficult should be easy.

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