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    Default Charts using iReports

    Hello all,

    I am creating a bar chart using iReport. I have a report query which returns values for three fields FIN_YEAR, NO_CHILDREN_IMMUNE_REQUIRED and NO_CHILDREN_IMMUNE_GIVEN. I could successfully design and execute a report with $F{FIN_YEAR} as key expression and $F{NO_CHILDREN_IMMUNE_REQUIRED} as value expression.

    My requirement is to get two bars - one for $F{NO_CHILDREN_IMMUNE_REQUIRED} and $F{NO_CHILDREN_IMMUNE_GIVEN} for each key expression. Specifically, for each financial year
    $F{FIN_YEAR}, I would like to plot two bars one for $F{NO_CHILDREN_IMMUNE_REQUIRED} and the other one for $F{NO_CHILDREN_IMMUNE_GIVEN}. How can I design this using iReport.

    Please help.

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    Default Having Similar Issues

    Also, I'm looking for more advanced examples of iReports and/or other sources of information for using iReports.

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