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    Default Displaying (scrolling To) A Specific Record In A Continuous Form

    In One Form User Will Enter A Value In Text Box For Searching
    Then Result Will Display In Subform Like In Tally When When Press F1 In Tally For Company Selection Where User Will Type A Name Of Company As Well As He May See The Result So How To Do This.plz Help About This.


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    1. Title Case Is Very Difficult To Read - please don't use it.
    2. Please try and form complete sentences, this will make point 3 easier.
    3. Please give a specific problem you are having, along with any progress you have made and code examples if applicable. We are not here to do your work for you (unless you're paying).
    4. Don't assume we know what "Continuous Form" and "Tally" are. You need to provide sufficient context such as the nature of the application you are trying to achieve.

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