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    Default Loading large images in JavaME

    Hi Everybody, Long time fan, first time caller. :D I didn't find anything in my search and hope that I have posted my question to the right place.

    I am hoping someone could help me determine how to display large image files without popping the memory when loading them. At risk of stating the obvious:rolleyes:, when I say popping the memory I mean getting a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError exception.
    So far when attempting to display images taken with an internal camera I have tried to use the MediaProcessor and ImageTransformControl however this method throws the aforementioned exception on the mediaProcessor.setInput() call with a large InputStream:
    Java Code:
     FileConnection fc = (FileConnection); 
     InputStream src = fc.openInputStream(); 
     MediaProcessor mp = null; 
     try { 
        mp = GlobalManager.createMediaProcessor(image/jpeg); 
        mp.setInput(src, MediaProcessor.UNKNOWN); //POP! 
        ByteArrayOutputStream bos = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); 
        ImageTransformControl fc = (ImageTransformControl)mp.getControl( javax.microedition.amms.control.imageeffect.ImageTransformControl); 
        return Image.createImage(bos.toByteArray(), 0, bos.size());
    Another approach was to read the image in chunks, in attempts to resize the chunks then cat back together once all the pieces are loaded:
    Java Code:
      byte[] data = new byte[chunkSize]; 
      do { 
           int length =, 0, chunkSize); 
           Image img = Image.createImage(data, 0, chunkSize); 
    however an IllegalArgumentException is thrown due to the CreateImage method being unable to deccode the image chunk.:mad:

    Open to suggestions,

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    I *think* the chunking method will work, but you can't just have any old chunk size, otherwise you won't land on proper data boundaries.
    Alternatively, is there nothing you can do to reduce the size of the input beforehand? Have you tried increasing the JVM memory allowance?

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