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    Default How can i encrypt java class files

    Hi guys,,

    i joined this forum today to get an insight into the various genious people who are giving solutions here..

    i have a query
    1. How can i encrypt java class files.
    2. i used proguard to obfuscate then after processing a .pro file is generated, how do i run this file again to get the result.

    looking forward to suggestions..

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    I suggest using the built-in crypto package. Write an unencrypted class that the user launches, that requires them to enter the key, which then unencrupts the class files in memory as needed, and uses a cutomized ClassLoader to load them in.

    Of course, this is not entirely secure, since the data does then exists in memory in an unencrypted form, and someone clever with a trojan installed could feasibly extract it.

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