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    Exclamation Help using Jcombobox plsssss

    Is it possible to save the recently added items in the combo box even if i close the program?
    My combo box is empty when i run my program, and I only populate it within the program, but whenever i close the program and try to run it again, the items i added in the combo box are gone.. how to do this??? pls help guys..

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    Many if not most of us hate it when posters post the same question on multiple fora. The thing is you spend a good deal of time trying to help someone only to find out later that someone else has answered their question in one of the cross-posts, meaning that you've just wasted your time. Well our time is as important as yours, maybe more, and unless you close down all of your crossposts but one, you'll get no help from me.

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    How are you storing the items in the combo box.

    If you can, store them in another class preferably in a List, and have that class be serializable. In that class have two methods, doSave() and doLoad(). When you close the program, call doSave() to save the class to a file on the IFS. When you start the program call doLoad(), which will load the class, then have the loaded class set the Combobox items

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