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    Default HashMaps get key for a specific value

    Hello I am working on a morse code application using 'HasMap'. The map contains key value pairs which map letters to morse code

    I can get the value for the given key like this => value = map.get(key);

    Now I need to go in the other direction, how can I get the key for a given value? In other words how can I do something like

    key = map.get(value);

    I can translate from English to morse code but not the reverse.

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    Well, the easiest way, would be to create two HashMaps.

    Java Code:
    for (Map.Entry<String, String> entry : map.entrySet()) {
      if (values.equals(entry.getValue())) {
        answer = entry.getKey();

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    Definitely create two maps (you can always create yourself a little function that takes "key" and "value" and puts them into both maps). Otherwise, you lose the whole benefit of a hash map.

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