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    Default want sql Query ouput in the calling HTML Form.. Pls Help


    I have created a simple page in JSP which contains 5 fields (input fields).
    when i enter the employee number and press submit button. the details of that particular employee are to be retrieved in the same fields.. Is it possible?

    at present i am displaying the data in another page : -------
    In the submit button i called a JSP prg and it displays the values but i want the details to be displayed in the first page itself (an in the respective fields ).

    Pls help

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    Yes, just redisplay the same page and load the data from a bean that you create. When you create the bean, check if an employee number was passed. If so, retrieve the employee data and make it accessible. If not, set the employee data fields to default values.

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    Yes, it's quite simple really.

    After you've executed your SQL query and have your results back, set those results as request attributes in the same way you're most likely already doing then dispatch to the jsp of your form and use el or something in your form's input fields.


    Java Code:
    <form ...>
    <input type="text" name="firstName" value="${requestScope.firstName}" />
    Hope this helps

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