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    Default ow to get Home directory using Common Net ftp api?

    Hi Friends,

    I am using Common Net FTP api to transfer file to my ftp server.
    Firt i login into the ftp server & the default directory is user home directory.
    The problem i am facing is if i do
    ftp.changeWorkingDirectory(str); once , i am there in the new directory but now i again want to some other directory
    sy: i first login into my home directory which is default:


    now i do


    now dir is : aggarwal/V4>

    No i want to go in aggarwal/V5 but i cant do until i go to home directory and then do ftp.changeWorkingDirectory("V5");

    Can any 1 please tell me if there is any way we can get the default home directory when we connect to ftp server.
    I also tried ftp.changeWorkingDirectory(""); but this doesnt take us to home directory though just doing cd takes us to home dir in unix.

    Please help me guys.


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    For goodness sake! It's bad enough to post duplicates, but on the same forum?

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