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    Default creating a reference to a value in a map

    can i do the following

    gum=new Gum()

    mapOfGum is a map of different pieces of Gum, key=String flavorName

    i would like gum to reference the peppermint piece in mapOfGum

    i can easily get a copy of the peppermint piece and assign it to gum, but i only want 1 gum that is peppermint, the 1 that resides in the map. because gum takes up space.

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    There is only one copy when retrieving it from the map. When you get a new reference from the map, you are getting just that, a reference, not a copy of the object. Think of the reference as being a String tied to the instance with you holding the other end. Getting another reference (i.e. retrieving a "copy" from the HashMap) simply ties another String to the instance.

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