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    Default a Queue of customer in the GUI

    Hi guys,

    I am struggling a little bit with the GUIs.
    I have my class of customers and i have a list of customers (which is a queue, LinkedList).
    I wonder how can i come it up in the GUI?
    I want to see all the queue, each customer with its attributes...

    The idea is the first customer should move to the next list and therefore each customer move forward one step on the queue. and allow only one to come in if it was full...

    I do not know if i explain my self properly

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    Default This is a medium size demo program.

    You are asking for a lot of information.
    It will be too confusing to give you all
    of the information you want at once.

    The upshot: I will have wasted a lot
    of my time answering your entire

    But here is the beginning of the

    Start somewhere. Try creating the
    bare-bones frame and buttons for
    your GUI, then add some dummy

    You should be able to come up with
    some questions that are more thoughtful
    after you do this.

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