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    Default Open Source Java API for OCR

    Am working on this OCR stuff.. I have and image which contains text in it,I have to extract the text from the image. Is there any open source API in java to do.
    I tried with Asprise, but it bit expensive.

    if anyone knows any other please help me.


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    Smile project zarf - how to static link into dll

    I am working on exactly the same project, I came to post how to ask to static link dll into class file that is the result of a javac run.

    I have a great number of resources already in place and am working deep in the issue this morning. I have some code up at "member's home page" link on the drop-down list .... there is partial interest in doing OCR from Java but a great depth of issues needs to be carefully reviewed in detail - no end in sight just yet but I welcome any effort you may be able to do.

    dosadi has provided non-trivial assitance, but reports that there is not traffic enough on the issue to provide basis for significant effort. I posted there under EZTwain and as well at twain dot org under :: View topic - From Java with user interface Twain

    ( url tags are not working )

    EZTwain is a simplified call header for twain.

    There is also something called tesseract ( which is something from the 90's that has laid unused at hp ) at which issue #93 is to provide a Java wrapper for tesseract. Their approach stuck on passing native buffer locations without getting into insistence on wrapping the data as numerics in the compiler.

    I have an hp all-in-one that we can use for proto and test during development - right at this moment the issues are endianess and reading DIB's returned by the calls: ( such as )
    Java Code:
    HANDLE EZTAPI TWAIN_AcquireNative(HWND hwndApp, unsigned wPixTypes);
    What I am working on right now is doing the calls into the jvm correctly using
    Java Code:
         * Class:     ocr_zarf
         * Method:    zarf_AcquireNative
         * Signature: ()[B
        __declspec(dllexport) jbyteArray __stdcall Java_ocr_zarf_zarf_1AcquireNative (JNIEnv * JEnvironmentPointer, jobject jayObject){}
    If you can work on anything anywhere in this, please let me know at fa8298b8 {ampersand} g - mail .....
    Introduction to Programming Using Java.
    Cybercartography: A new theoretical construct proposed by D.R. Fraser Taylor

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