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    Default Javascript Related

    I have one login jsp where where I put one link for"select uer". After clicking the link a list of userId appears with radio buttons. My code is working till here but now I have to put the selected userid at the username and thn user will enter password.
    My code goes like this..jsp page:
    <table align="center">
    <logic:present name="UserForm" property ="userList">
    <logic:iterate id="iSummary" name="UserForm" property="userList" indexId="index">
    <bean:define id="user" name="iSummary" type=""/>
    <td><html:radio property="userId" name="UserForm" value="<%=user.getUserId() %>" />&nbsp;&nbsp;</td>
    <td><bean:write name="user" property="userName"/></td>
    <tr><td><html:button property="okButton" value="OK" onclick="get_radio_value()"/>

    can anybody tell me how I can proceed further...
    here in this code I am iterating userId and from this userId list i hv to select one user at a time and put it into userName field of login form...

    Thanks in advance......

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    This is a Java forum; Javascript is something else entirely. Sorry...

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    (as the OP discovered when posting the same question in the Sun Java fora).

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