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    Default Java Design Problem


    Current Design-->
    BaseManager extends Manager extends Type1DataStoreImpl implements DataStoreInterface
    BaseManager is referenced everywhere like
    for (DataStoreInterface o:BaseManager.getAllObjects()){};

    I have Type2DataStoreImpl implements DataStoreInterface

    I want to make minimum changes to the application ie BaseManager & Manager should not be replaced by new classes.
    Is there a way I can dynamically plug Type2DataStoreImpl as parent of Manager ( .properties file decides its type1 or type2 implementation) ?

    New Design
    BaseManager extends Manager extends Type1DataStoreImpl or Type2DataStoreImpl (depending on config file) implements DataStoreInterface

    Thanks in advance.

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    Knowing only what you said about your design, I think your problem is that Manager is not *a* DataStoreInterface. Instead, Manager *uses* a DataStoreInterface. The DataStoreInterface implementation used depends on the config file.

    At least, I see a lot of code posted on the forum that makes this mistake. One class is trying to be several different things. Instead, several classes should be one thing each and work together.

    Look at your Manager design. Conceptually, can you add an instance field of type DataStoreInterface? If so, modify your manager class to access the methods of the instance field.

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    Steve is spot on here. This is why "has-a" is generally preferred over "is-a", and why "implements" is preferred over "extends".

    I seriously doubt that a Manager conceptually is a Type1DataStoreImpl. Someone was lazy and you are paying the price.

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