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    Cool [very urgent]...

    Iím having an undergraduate thesis about developing software for Java. I will make my own version of software for Java programmers. I will include the feature of auto-correct for syntax case format. For example if the user forgot that the code must begin with a capital letter, the software will automatically correct the code when he/she ends the line. Furthermore, I will also include a pop-up list containing the suggested property for the code or object when the user typed a period.

    These are my questions about the planned feature of the software:
    1. How will I access the library of java? so that during the time that the user is typing, the software will just compare the code to the library and execute it correction or warning when the user type the incorrect code.
    2. What language will I use to construct this software?
    3. What are the guidelines to develop software?

    I am looking forward to your positive response.

    PS. pls. indicate your name and how long you've been a Java user? thanks...

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    2. I suggest you write it in Java
    1. Use reflection, which is easy to do since you're writing it in Java
    3. Use version control. Write automated tests and build/test extremely often. Use javadoc to document your code as you go. Use consistent indents of 2 spaces per level (this is more important than anything else)

    - toadaly. Java programmer since Java 1.0.

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    First, go to the Eclipse IDE Home. Download the software, unzip it (it doesn't require installation, and click on eclipse.ide. Create a project, add a Java source, and type some code. Press ctrl-spacebar. This will show you an excellent implementation of what you want to do, written in Java. Notice that it will also compile the code as you type, pointing out errors.

    You can go back to the site and download the source. You can look at how they implemented these features. (I am not suggesting you "lift" their source, but you can see how they did things.)

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