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    Post Upload war file on server

    Hello, I am sandeep.
    I have a doubt regarding the upload of a war file on server.
    We have developed a site in java, created a war file, and have to upload it to apache server on unix platform.
    Do I need to upload the war file or just copy the entire folder to the server?

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    First of all Apache is a Web server, not a Web application server. Web servers only serve static content, like HTML, Javascript, and images. Web application servers (WAS) can serve static content, and they can also deploy and run applications stored in WAR (Web ARchive) files.

    Apache Tomcat is a standard WAS. If you are running Tomcat, read the instructions on deploying a WAR file. It is *very* simple, as long as Tomcat is already configured and running. If you are using a different WAS, check its documentation. If you are not running a WAS, Tomcat and Glassfish are good places to start researching.

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    i am aniket ,
    i want to upload my .war file on server to check that my application can run on mobile through internet gprs. please, kindly give me reply about where i can upload my .war file.

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