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    Unhappy How to hide Download Link

    I have a zip file on my site, e.g.

    I hope visitors can download the file but don't know the zip file link.

    when Download Manager start`s to download , hide my zip file link so no one can undrstand what is the location of zip file.
    I mean when the download start`s Download manager Shows the exact location address of my file like
    so he/she can share that with other users (unpaid users) so they have the address they can easily access.
    I need some code to make download manager print something else as address,
    when the user copy that address he/she can not use that because address is wrong and i
    want users can not resume download (No resume capability)
    please help me out...

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    Don't give them direct access to the zipfile (I'm fairly sure you're the same person I've told this to already). Make a servlet that handles the download so that you can use sessions and a login.

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