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    Default Generics and Wildcards

    Am trying to understand wildcards (bounded) in java generics. I have method say:

    Java Code:
    	public static void someMethod(List <? extends Number> list) {
    		list.add(0, new Integer(9)); //compile error
    While trying to add to the list (a list of "anything that extends the Number class" ), i will get a compile-time error. Why the compiler does not understand that Integer is a sub-type of Number ? Am I missing some important point ?

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    Found this interesting, since I haven't worked with generics in quite some time, and did a little search. Basically, it's not safe to add an Integer to a list of objects that extend Number because we do not know what ? is. That is, ? is a subtype of Number, but we do not know if it is Rectangle or a supertype of Rectangle.

    More info can be found in pages 6-7 in this pdf file:

    Anyways, you should just use List<Number>, as all classes that extend Number can be put into the list anyways.

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    Emcee is right about not complicating the type designation. In fact, it is the cause of your compile error.

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