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    Default forbidden access to directory

    Hi ,

    I installed Apache 2.2 + Tomcat 5 + SSL on Linux and they run perfect.
    The Java web application gives users(after they login) ability to upload files(pdf,ppt..) then creates a record for them, right way users can see their records and can open the documents that they uploaded.
    The problem is when they click on the link to open the files that they uploaded before they get a "forbidden" screen.

    The Java program save upload files on the APache/htdocs directory.
    To solve that I have to run following command for the htdocs directory.
    chmod 755 the_name_document.

    After that the users can access their files.

    The uploaded files could be accessible right away.
    How can I solve this problem?


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    Look at File.setReadable(). This allows you to set authority to read only.

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