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    Default how can i save an image from url

    Hi everyone ,
    Maybe this is a simple question for someone but i would like to know how can i save an image from a http url and save it in a jpg file somehwere in the disk, in fact will save it in database.
    Can anyone tell me any example ?
    Thanks in advance !

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    Essentially, you:
    - construct a URL with your URL
    - call openConnection(), then call getInputStream() on the resulting URLConnection object
    - pull out the data from the input stream as with any old input stream, probably wrapping a BufferedInputStream around it

    A while ago I put up on my web site an example of reading data from a URL in Java, which covers this case of binary data, plus the case of reading character data.

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    You can do it only with 1 line:

    Java Code:
    FileUtils.copyURLToFile(new URL(....), new File(....));
    You have to include commons-io.jar from Apache

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