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    Default Java subprocesses via Runtime.exec() and windows "end process tree"... there any way to spawn a process in java whether it be internal to java or some workaround that does not tie the original java app to the subprocess? For instance assume the following:

    Process1 runs Process2

    If someone performs an "end process" in windows task manager on Process1 then Process2 still stays alive however if someone performs an "end process tree" on Process1 then both Process1 and Process2 are killed because Process2 was started by Process1. Is there any way to run Process2 from Process1 without associating the two in a process tree so performing an "end process tree" on Process1 does not kill Process2?

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    In unix you would use the "nohup" command. Try googling for something like "windows equivalent to nohup".

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    You need to fork your subprocess. See

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