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    Default need the help to convert to and from UTF-8 and UCS-2


    I need to process the data which is encoded in UTF-8 and store in database for later use,

    but Since database used is Sql Server 2000 which supports UCS-2 instead of UTF-8. My application is failing to decode and bring the correct result.

    [Note : I can not change the encoding of the database.]

    Please suggest.

    thanks in advance

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    UCS-2 seems to be standard Java Unicode, so that shouldn't be a problem to get data in and out of the database. If you want to take the data and change it UTF-8, look at the Charset class. You can use the Charset.forName("UTF-8") method to get a UTF-8 object. From this object, you can use encode() and decode() to transform between String and a ByteBuffer.

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