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    Default JavaMail API : getting "SMTPAddressFailedException"

    Hi Everyone,

    I am getting "SMTPAddressFailedException" when trying to send mails to a mail id which has the format like this:

    The exception was:

    com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPAddressFailedException: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for

    But when use my code to send a mail to recipient like this:, it works fine.

    Can anyone please help me out of it?


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    Post 550 - That is a mailing list, not a user.

    Java Code:
     *       SMTP provides as additional features, commands to verify a user
     *       name or expand a mailing list.  This is done with the VRFY and
     *       EXPN commands, which have character string arguments.  For the
     *       VRFY command, the string is a user name, and the response may
     *       include the full name of the user and must include the mailbox of
     *       the user.  For the EXPN command, the string identifies a mailing
     *       list, and the multiline response may include the full name of the
     *       users and must give the mailboxes on the mailing list.
     *       "User name" is a fuzzy term and used purposely.  If a host
     *       implements the VRFY or EXPN commands then at least local mailboxes
     *       must be recognized as "user names".  If a host chooses to
     *       recognize other strings as "user names" that is allowed.
     *       In some hosts the distinction between a mailing list and an alias
     *       for a single mailbox is a bit fuzzy, since a common data structure
     *       may hold both types of entries, and it is possible to have mailing
     *       lists of one mailbox.  If a request is made to verify a mailing
     *       list a positive response can be given if on receipt of a message
     *       so addressed it will be delivered to everyone on the list,
     *       otherwise an error should be reported (e.g., "550 That is a
     *       mailing list, not a user").  If a request is made to expand a user
     *       name a positive response can be formed by returning a list
     *       containing one name, or an error can be reported (e.g., "550 That
     *       is a user name, not a mailing list").
     *       In the case of a multiline reply (normal for EXPN) exactly one
     *       mailbox is to be specified on each line of the reply.  In the case
     *       of an ambiguous request, for example, "VRFY Smith", where there
     *       are two Smith's the response must be "553 User ambiguous".
    Sounds to me like the dot operator is used to attain local administrative facillitation.
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