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    Default Java source files security

    using decompiler we can decompile the Java to avoid that?How can i make class files more secure?

    Please guys help me out!!

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    Try "I'm feeling lucky" on Google with "prevent decompilation java class" as search terms. The article there gives a precise description of the problem you are facing.

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    This is done in part with what is called an obfusicator, there are plenty of them and will show up on a google search. DRM is worthless for the most part, hide in plain sight - but protecting a customer's information is another matter, to which you have a duty.

    That is done with crypto, most businesses do not have the time or will to deal with someone who has to decompile a java class file to get code. It is just not worth the effort, standard business practices of customer should be able to keep their work in house.
    Introduction to Programming Using Java.
    Cybercartography: A new theoretical construct proposed by D.R. Fraser Taylor

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