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    Default Beginning Game Development - Suggestions?

    Hello. I'd like to get into Java game development, but I can't find any good tutorials online. Are there any decent books I could buy? Do you have any recommendations? Are you a game developer? How did you start out?
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    I'm taking a game development concentration within my major but I havn't taken any of the courses yet so the best I can give you is what we take

    Required Courses:
    CS-320 Computer Graphics
    CS-420 Virtual Reality
    CS-385 Introduction to Game Design
    CS-481 Artificial Intelligence
    Types of intelligence, knowledge representation, cognitive models. Goalbased
    systems, heuristic search and games, learning systems. Language
    understanding, robotics, theorem proving and deductive systems
    CS-485 Advanced Game Programming
    This course contains essentials of developing a meaningful game play
    and its implementation. The contents include game-play design and its
    implementation using GUI elements, sound, terrains and rendering the
    end game.

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